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Male grooming is a popular treatment and exploring new avenues
of grooming and beauty treatments have become a regular routine.
Waxing is a fantastic treatment for men and can remove unwanted hair
safely and quickly. By removing unwanted hair it can dramatically improve
a mans self esteem and confidence and this can be a regular treatment
or for special occasions for example a holiday or a special date. Aloe Vera
wax is used, which is suitable for even big boys with sensitive skins.

Once the waxing treatment is complete the skin is massaged with a
tea tree oil to soothe and protect the area. Our therapist will advise
on the after care procedure to follow including using an after wax
lotion to replace the moisture into the skin. We have also found
benefits in using an inhibitor, which can greatly reduce
the density and coarseness of the hair when used regularly.
You will find everyone at Therapy very professional and you will
be treated in complete privacy.
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